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Give your business the face it deserves

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It takes balls 

to be a startup

Even during these hard times you're still here to move forward

That's why I appreciate your guts and courage. You always want what's best for your business and your audience. I'm as passionate about my work as you and want the same things for my clients.

To be of value,

to mean something to them,

to make a change. 

My goal is to create authentic faces for startups

who want to become the best version of themselves. 



the process

Together we'll talk about your why's, the struggles you've faced so far and your goals. We'll create a vision and focus on what really matters.

Your values will be my guiding principles to create an authentic and timeless design. From print to the digital world, your visual branding will be adapted to everything your business needs to communicate properly with your audience.

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Some faces

I've created



is everything

If we will be working together communication is for me one of the most if not the most important skill during our a quest to a perfect match. We're only humans and to my knowledge we're still not capable to read other people's minds.


So if there is anything, even the smallest thing, you or me want to talk about or clarify. We talk, deal?


Let's get 

in touch

Lange Beemdenlaan 8, 3012 Wilsele (Leuven)

+324 96 02 00 80

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